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May 22, 2023

Team Agreements, Outcomes, Asynchrony: The Future of Work Trifecta | Brian Elliott

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Episode Summary

In this episode, host Rob Sadow sits down with Brian Elliott, Co-Founder of Future Forum and author of "How The Future Works," on three critical topics that every people executive and people manager will want to hear about:

  1. Why top-down return-to-office mandates don't work and how team-level agreements are a more impactful approach
  2. How to transition from managing based on "inputs" to "outcomes"
  3. Tips for reducing meetings and working asynchronously



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About the speaker

Guest: Brian Elliott

Brian Elliott co-founded Future Forum, a consortium that enables leaders to redesign work
through data and dialog. He spent three decades building high-growth companies and products
as a startup CEO, Google leader, and Slack executive. His work has been published in the
Wall Street Journal, HBR, Bloomberg, the Economist, and other publications, and he is co-
author of the WSJ bestseller, “How the Future Works: Leading Flexible Teams to do the Best
Work of Their Lives.” Brian earned his BA from Northwestern University and his MBA from
Harvard Business School, and is a proud father of two young men. You can find Brian on

Twitter: @brianpelliott
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/belliott/

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