February 6, 2024

Compare Your Flexible Work Policy Against Relevant Peersets

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Leaders today have limited data to compare their flexible work policies to relevant peersets. Most executives rely on anecdotal examples or news headlines to get a sense of the market.

But that changes today.

With the first of Flex Index’s benchmarking capabilities, executives can now begin to compare and analyze their flex work policy against relevant peersets. Only available via Flex Index, these insights shed a data-driven light on how your policy compares to the broader landscape.

How It Works

In addition to benchmarking against all other companies on Flex Index, you can also filter benchmarks to other companies with your same:

  • Industry
  • HQ Location
  • Company Size



To access benchmarks, follow these steps:

  1. Create or verify your company's Flex Profile
  2. From your company’s Flex Profile, select Benchmarks
  3. Select one of the available filters to create your benchmarks (ex: Industry, All Companies)
  4. Flex Index will then generate a customized benchmark chart based on your selection

Navigate Your Flexible Work Strategy with Data, Not Doubt

In the ever-changing workplace, relying on anecdotal data or news headlines is risky. Our new benchmarking capabilities offer an exclusive opportunity to move beyond anecdotes, providing a comprehensive understanding of how your flexible work policy compares with relevant peersets. Access Free Benchmarks.

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