Office Benchmarks

Flex Index's Office Benchmarks combines flexible work policy and workplace metrics to enable leaders to accurately assess their investments and policy decisions relative to peers.

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How it works

1. Join or create your company Flex Profile

Join an existing Flex Profile or create a new one for your company.
Create flex profile
Create flex profile

2. Easily add your office data

Effortlessly upload your company data. Similar to compensation benchmarks, your data will be kept strictly confidential and only used in aggregate to create benchmarks.

3. Instantly access insights on your offices

Get a summary view of your office footprint, key statistics, and usage metrics.
Create flex profile
Create flex profile

4. Benchmark performance against peers

Evaluate your policy and key office metrics vs. peers by industry, geography, company size, or required time in office.

You're in good company

"In a landscape of constant change and expansion, understanding how other organizations approach their office configurations provides invaluable insights. With Flex Benchmarks, we can strategically adapt our office spaces to align with our evolving needs, maximizing efficiency and fostering a dynamic work environment amidst growth."

Ciaran Chaney

Ciaran Chaney

Director of Real Estate, Workplace & IT, Personio

"As we navigate the complexities of the remote work revolution, Office Benchmarks emerge as a critical solution in understanding the shifting dynamics of workplace flexibility. By delving into the real-world data provided by Office Benchmarks, we can shape a future where work arrangements are optimized to meet the needs of both organizations and their workforce."

Rich Lupien

Rich Lupien

Corporate Environmental, Health & Safety & Real Estate Manager, Teradyne

"Office Benchmarks allows companies to make detailed comparisons of their flexible work strategies on a site-by-site basis against their industry and regional peers and competitors. This is invaluable for determining best practices, evaluating lease and space decisions, and making long-run HR plans."

Nick Bloom

Nick Bloom

Economics Professor, Stanford University

"Building a thriving workplace means aligning people and purpose. As the office landscape shifts, our flexible work policies are key in fostering connection and collaboration. With tools like Office Benchmarks, we gain insights into how others navigate these changes, refining our strategy to prioritize both our spaces and our people, shaping a new era of workplace experience."

Charlotte Johnson

Charlotte Johnson

Sr. Director, Workplace & Remote Org Effectiveness, Upwork

"You do not want to fall behind in the race to make work work better for your employees (more joy and less toil) and as a result for your organization (effectiveness and productivity). Getting hybrid right isn’t easy – it requires the right policies, space configurations, enabling technology, tools and people capabilities. Office Benchmarks helps you figure out where you stand relative to peers so you can focus your efforts towards the highest return."

Debbie Lovich

Debbie Lovich

Managing Director & Senior Partner, Boston Consulting Group

"Office Benchmarks will be a vital tool for navigating today’s modern organizational challenges, cutting across People and Place. With rich, data-driven insights, Office Benchmarks will help leaders find best practices, dispel myths, and identify trends that are crucial for getting the most out of teams and space investments. In an era where trust is key, leveraging benchmarks across geography, size, and industry will help companies build environments where collaboration thrives. I’d highly recommend leaders explore Office Benchmarks as a way to get aligned, prioritize employee well-being, and drive financial performance."

Brian Elliott

Brian Elliott

Co-Founder Future Forum and Bestselling Author

Benchmark plans and pricing

Policy Benchmarks

Benchmark your company's office requirements against peers to compare your position in the market.


Sign upFeatures
Compare your office requirements against all Flex Index companies
Benchmark your policy against industry peers
Benchmark your policy against organizations in your geography
Benchmark your policy against similarly sized companies

Single Office Benchmarks

Evaluate your office footprint, layout, and utilization vs. relevant peers.


Get startedEverything in Policy Benchmarks, plus:
Access real estate benchmarks for a single office
Benchmark your allocation of desks vs. collaborative space to optimize office layout
Understand your attendance rates vs. peers with similar office requirements
Filter benchmarks by real estate type, office size, and location

Unlimited Office Benchmarks

Evaluate your total real estate portfolio to find opportunities for cost savings and performance improvement.

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Get startedEverything in Single Office Benchmarks, plus:
Track aggregate and location-specific metrics on each office in your portfolio
Benchmark office desks and attendance for your entire real estate portfolio or any single office in the portfolio
Identify highest performing office locations for potential best practices to pattern
Identify opportunities for optimization in lowest performing office locations
See plan and pricing details

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