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April 10, 2024

Introducing Office Benchmarks: Make Smarter Office Decisions

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Today’s workplace is a complicated mix of policy, real estate, and people. Making the wrong decision on a lease, office design, or policy can cost millions, not to mention impact engagement and attrition. Until now, no external data existed correlating flexible work policies with real estate metrics, leaving leaders without essential guidance to make crucial workplace decisions.

To navigate (and succeed) in this new work landscape, you need real answers backed by hard data, not news headlines and anecdotes. And starting today, you’ll finally have them.

Introducing Office Benchmarks

Flex Index’s Office Benchmarks is the only solution combining unique policy and office metrics to help you evaluate your office footprint, space design, and usage compared to peers with similar policies.

With Office Benchmarks, you’ll be able to answer questions such as:

  • How does my office attendance compare to other companies requiring three days/week in office?

  • How do other hybrid companies in my industry allocate their space between individual workstations and communal spaces?

  • If we increase our required time in office, how will that impact our overall space needs, and what should we expect to see in attendance?

Office Benchmarks: How It Works

Much like compensation benchmarks, Office Benchmarks operates on a give-to-get model, providing access in exchange for contribution. Any office data you share will be kept completely confidential.

Once you’ve joined your company’s existing Flex Profile or created a new one, you’ll see an option to upload your office data under the Benchmarks > Office tab.

Once you’ve uploaded your office data, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid account to access Office Benchmarks. Once you’ve upgraded, you can benchmark your office holdings, space allocation, and usage against companies with similar flexible work policies. You can filter results by industry, geography, or company size—we’ll add more granularity in filters as we collect more data over time.

Key Customer Benefits

Access Unparalleled Workplace Insights

  • Gain unprecedented access to policy, office holding, and office usage data relative to peers not available anywhere else.

Optimize Your Office for Flexible Work

  • Compare critical office performance and usage data against relevant peers with similar flexible work policies.

  • Gain valuable insights to inform lease decisions and opportunities for improvement.

Strengthen Engagement and Connection
Understand the relationship between office usage and policy to engage and retain the best talent.

Empower Your Workplace Strategy with Office Benchmarks

In our rapidly evolving work landscape, readily accessible and reliable data is no longer a luxury—it's a necessity. With Office Benchmarks, you gain access to a wealth of trustworthy insights that enable you to maximize your workplace potential and make confident, informed decisions.

Don't let uncertainty hold your workplace strategy back. Get started with Office Benchmarks today.

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