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November 21, 2023

Scaling Remote Work at GitLab: An Inside Look | Darren Murph

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Episode Summary

In this episode, Rob is joined by Darren Murph, the Head of Communications for Technology Strategy at Ford and former Director of Remote at GitLab. Darren, hailed as the "Oracle of Remote Work" by CNBC, played a pivotal role in leading GitLab's transformation into the first fully remote public company and has been included in Forbes Future of Work 50 and LinkedIn Top Voice in Remote Work list.

Join us as we discuss:

  • GitLab’s unique approach to scaling fully remote practices and culture

  • The importance of documentation for fully remote companies

  • Reinvesting real estate costs into intentional in-person trips and offsites



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About the speaker

Guest: Darren Murph

Named an “oracle of remote work” by CNBC and featured in The Forbes Future of Work 50, Darren is a recognized visionary in organizational design. He presently serves as the Head of Communications for Technology Strategy at Ford. He consults with and advises global clients, partnering with Vistaprint, Dropbox, Abbvie, Mozilla, and more.

Darren led workplace strategy and operations at GitLab, scaling the world’s first fully remote company to IPO. He co-developed organizational design case studies at Harvard Business School and INSEAD. He also served as Andela’s VP of Workplace Design and Remote Experience.

He holds a Guinness World Record in publishing and authored GitLab’s Remote Playbook and “Living the Remote Dream: A Guide To Seeing the World, Setting Records, and Advancing Your Career.”

Darren pioneered the Head of Remote role in the historic IPO of GitLab. His interviews are found in CNBC, CNN, The Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, Fortune, Digiday, Business Insider, and more.

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