Office requirements


Office Requirements

Most Corporate employees are expected to come to the office a minimum number of days each week.

Minimum days a week
Minimum days a week

Requirements Details

Most corporate employees are expected to come in 2 days a week.

2 days

Who sets office requirements?

Office requirements are set centrally by the company.


Locations or roles with different office requirements


Are there corporate office locations where there is a different expectation on time spent in the office?

We have offices in West Hollywood, CA; Chicago, IL; Brooklyn, NY; and Taipei, Taiwan, but people are not required to work out of any of those offices with the exception of the Chicago team––who works out of the office every Thursday.

Are there functions or roles where there is a different expectation on time spent in the office?

IT is often in the West Hollywood office.

Do you make exceptions to allow full-time remote work?

Do you know the answer? Let us know.

Other info


Is there anything else you would like to share?

We have maintained physical offices in West Hollywood, Chicago, Brooklyn, and Taipei because we find that our employees like the ability to come to an office from time-to-time, but there are no requirements (with the exception of IT) for people to come to a physical office. The physical offices function as touchstones for us. We also have two in-person, all-company meetings each year and there are regional gatherings throughout the year. We try to give our employees the best of both worlds.

Quote related to hybrid/remote work?

We come together multiple times a year to make/strengthen relationships, and we sustain those relationships throughout the year with All Hands, Happy Hours, and other virtual and in-person gatherings.

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