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Jack Henry promotes an agile business environment that doesn’t confine associates to a specific physical location and supports a shift from a traditional, physical face-to-face environment to an electronic, virtual environment. Jack Henry considers working remotely to be a viable work option for associates whose job responsibilities are suitable to such an arrangement. Working remotely is available to regular, full-time and part-time associates and is based on the needs of the job, associate performance, work group and the company. Remote associates are expected to meet performance and productivity requirements.

Flex Work policy

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Employee's choice

Locations or roles with different office requirements

Do you make exceptions to allow full-time remote work?

You can apply and get approval to be full-time remote. If you don't live near a corporate office you can be full-time remote.

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Jack Henry™ is a well-rounded financial technology company strengthening the connections between people and their financial institutions through technology and services that reduce the barriers to financial health – with the purpose of empowering people and communities to gain the financial freedom to move forward. We believe the best way to start is with community and regional banks and credit unions. For more than 45 years, we’ve put financial institutions at the center of our modernization. We’re here to help financial institutions innovate faster, differentiate strategically, and compete successfully. At Jack Henry, we advocate for those we serve – the people at financial institutions and their customers and members, our associates, and our communities. Our goal is to understand their aspirations, challenges, and needs. Our ability to drive innovation will always be rooted in our willingness to act with people’s best interest at heart. Whether financial institutions are struggling to grow revenue, improve the digital experience, mitigate financial crimes and fraud risk, improve operational efficiencies, balance IT demands, or focus on any other business challenge, Jack Henry is ready to address these evolving needs. Financial institutions can count on us for help achieving short- and long-term strategic goals, advocate for positive change, co-create innovative solutions, and support open integrations with fintechs, who we see as changemakers – which is why we embrace opportunities to work with them. We’re working to solve for the challenges faced by people at financial institutions and their accountholders. We call that people-inspired innovation. Visit jackhenry.com to learn more.