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As the largest laser hair removal company in the United States, Milan Laser provides lifelong results in a fun, inclusive, and relaxing setting. By using state-of-the-art laser technology and having a client-focused approach, we aim to ensure 100 percent customer satisfaction in terms of results as well as experience. At Milan Laser, safety is our top priority. All procedures are performed by highly-skilled medical professionals who are supervised by a team of medical doctors. Our providers receive extensive education from Independent Candela Trainers. This comprehensive training covers everything from laser physics to medical conditions affecting hair growth so clients can rest assured they’re in expert hands. What’s more? At Milan Laser, every treatment is tailored to the specific skin tone and hair color of each client to maximize results, and all treatments are performed using FDA-cleared lasers. Now in our eleventh year, Milan Laser operates more than 300+ clinics in 30 states (and growing!), making us the premier laser hair removal provider in the country.