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Since the pandemic, we have adapted to how our people told us they want to work. That’s why we’ve embraced working with H.A.R.T. – our hybrid and regional teams approach. We strive to create a culture that focuses on our employees’ physical and mental wellbeing –we are a healthcare company after all. Whether looking at our Benefits & Wellness package focused on supporting the health of our own colleagues, through to a culture that encourages time in and out of the office, we are adapting to the latest ways of working, leading with our people and culture at the forefront.

Flex Work policy

Corporate Policy

Employee's choice
Employee's choice

Locations or roles with different office requirements

Are there corporate office locations where there is a different expectation on time spent in the office?

We have offices in cities with many employees and clients – New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Toronto and London – that serve as hubs for collaboration, client and team meetings, and in-person social gatherings. Our expectation and approach to hybrid work is consistent across all corporate office locations we have.

Are there functions or roles where there is a different expectation on time spent in the office?

Employees who are not close to a corporate office can be full-time remote. Our facilities team does go into the office daily to ensure we are maintaining our office locations for all employees, otherwise while we highly encourage folks in commutable distance to our offices to come in 2x a week (any day), we are still operating in a hybrid work environment where employees can work from our offices or at home.

Other information

Is there anything else you would like to share?

We have flexible hours and also allow employees to utilize their annual wellness reimbursement towards equipment that can help with remote work. Employees who do not live near a corporate office join us quarterly for collaboration, culture, and learning opportunities.


Real Chemistry's mission is to transform what healthcare is to what it should be by leveraging the industry's most advanced AI-powered insights, diverse expertise and customer-centric ideas. We help the healthcare industry better understand, reach, and engage patients and professionals while creating healthcare experiences that span diagnosis to adherence--enabling therapies and those they were designed to help, meet and exceed their potential.