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Spreetail's approach to hybrid/remote work is based upon the foundation of building meaningful relationships and being relentless in our pursuit to help brands increase their ecommerce market share. We've built our approach based on individual roles and outcomes and believe our team is set up to be successful with the flexibility offered by our hybrid environment.

Flex Work policy

Corporate Policy

Specific days a week
Specific days a week
Corporate employees are expected to go into an office on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Locations or roles with different office requirements

Are there corporate office locations where there is a different expectation on time spent in the office?

We have offices located in Lincoln, NE and Omaha, NE. Our Lincoln & Omaha locations require team members to work in the office Tuesdays & Wednesdays. Our Austin, TX team members are currently remote.

Are there functions or roles where there is a different expectation on time spent in the office?

Our Technology team is fully remote. Our Fulfillment teams are based out of our fulfillment centers and are required to be on-site to perform the functions of the roles.

Do you make exceptions to allow full-time remote work?


Other information

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Spreetail offers a one-time WFH stipend in addition to providing team members with essentials for working from home such as monitors, keyboard, and mouse in addition to their laptop. Spreetail offices are high-end and provide a great space to work and collaborate. Lunch is catered in monthly and events are frequently hosted to encourage team members to further develop relationships. We also offer two work-from-home (WFH) months for our hybrid team members. June 15th - July 15th and December 15th - January 15th, hybrid team members are welcome to WFH full-time.


At Spreetail, we strive to be your full-service ecommerce accelerator. Our mission is to propel brands to increase their ecommerce market share across the globe while improving their operational costs. Buy. Sell. Ship. Grow. 1. Our team of experts purchase products from top brands. 2. We list that product on major marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and eBay, and implement effective marketing and advertising strategies to drive sales. 3. With our home-grown software and 7 fulfillment centers with next-day shipping coverage to 80% of the US population, we provide unparalleled value to our partners and delight millions of customers with fast and reliable order fulfillment. 4. We accelerate your ecommerce growth with strategic, data-based decisions custom to your unique performance and trends across the web.