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Flex work is core to TTEC and is fully embraced by the entire senior leadership team.

Flex Work policy

Corporate Policy

Employee's choice
Employee's choice

Locations or roles with different office requirements

Are there corporate office locations where there is a different expectation on time spent in the office?

Corporate offices are almost exclusively remote but some employees come in when they choose. In some countries there are set days in the office. In the US though we are almost exclusively full-time remote.

Are there functions or roles where there is a different expectation on time spent in the office?

Almost all roles are hired directly into full-time remote.

Other information

Is there anything else you would like to share?

TTEC flexibility allows people who would otherwise not be able to work access to a career. It is a clear reflection of our employee-centered culture where everyone is free to be themselves and anyone can be successful.

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