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Flex Report 2024 Predictions

This report poses key questions for 2024: Will the anticipated return to the office gain traction, or will flexibility persist? Featuring insights from 13 experts, predictions span from office usage to building workplace culture, offering a glimpse into the dynamic year ahead.

About the 2024 Predictions Flex Report

December is prediction season! It’s a fantastic time to take stock of the year in review, and imagine what will happen in the year to come.

2023 has been a fascinating year when it comes to flexible work. While many predicted a recession and significant return to the office in 2023, occupancy rates have been flat year to date. The percentage of US companies offering work location flexibility has increased from 51% at the beginning of 2023 to 62% in our last quarterly report.

So what’s on the horizon for 2024? Will the much anticipated return to office finally pick up steam, or will we see a continued trend toward more companies adopting work location flexibility?

The conversation in 2023 has been dominated by work location flexibility, and specifically how much time employees spend in office. Will that be the top discussion topic in flexibility for 2024, or will new frontiers emerge that are important for different types of workers?

To get a sense of what we should expect for 2024, we asked 13 of the leading executives, researchers, and academics for their top predictions. These predictions cover a wide range of topics — from office utilization to how we use our space to how we build culture — and some of them are in direct conflict with each other!

2024 promises to be an interesting year full of twists and turns! Read on to see what some of the brightest minds in flexible work have to say about what to expect.

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