Flex report

Flex Report: Tech Industry Deep Dive

Get an inside look at the changing work landscape in the tech industry. From the growing popularity of Fully Remote work to the future of flexibility, we explore trends, company sizes, and the potential impact on other sectors. Find out where tech may be heading next.

About the Tech Industry Deep Dive

While tech companies are often at the forefront of new trends, not all trends have staying power. One trend worth watching is Fully Remote work flexibility. While larger tech companies like Salesforce and Meta made remote work a hallmark of the pandemic era, the tide appears to be shifting.

So what's happening in tech? Is tech on the leading edge of Fully Remote companies becoming the norm, or will tech gradually shift more toward hybrid work as larger companies reevaluate their policies?

In this report, we dive into the current state of work location flexibility in the tech industry. We examine how flexibility is evolving, with a particular emphasis on trends by size of company and where Fully Remote work is most popular. From that analysis, we can start to draw some early conclusions on where tech may be headed and how that might impact Fully Remote adoption in other industries.

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